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Prices Vary According to Service Provided

Mediation is growing in popularity and can be a quick and lot less stressful way of resolving disputes without the need for huge cost and attendance at court and bad feeling.  It can help to preserve business relationships and could avoid you losing customers, suppliers, business partners, colleagues and friends.  It allows you and the other party to agree an outcome rather than a judge. Importantly, mediation is completely confidentiality and can be at a time and place of your choosing.

If you are involved in a civil, commercial or workplace conflict, please do get in touch.

Legal fees can quickly spiral out of control but mediation by its very nature offers a cost effective solution. The initial consultation to see if I am the right fit for your dispute is free and would usually involve a call with you and your lawyers.  I then charge an hourly rate per party for preparatory work to arrange the mediation including booking of rooms, reading of overview etc, and attendance on the day.  My fees are inclusive of travel time within the UK and other expenses e.g. overnight stays. 


For mediation under 3 hours, this can be conducted online if that is more suitable.

Please do reach out if you have a need for this growing service.

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