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Prices Vary According to Service Provided

Coaching doesn't solve anything overnight.  More often than not, it will take anything from 4-6 weeks for you to make the changes needed to improve your life balance and wellbeing and bounce back from setbacks.  Maybe even longer, if you require specialist coaching and mentoring.

A typical programme of coaching and mentoring with me will include the following:

  • Free deep dive call (up to 90 minutes)

  • 4-11 weekly meetings - 1 hour each

  • Guidance on the use of bespoke coaching tools

  • Access to self help tools including breathing techniques

  • Specific imposter syndrome first aid and natural resilience method coaching (if required)

  • Free post programme monthly meetings (3 months in total - 30 minutes each)

  • The opportunity to meet in person if you are local to me.

I would encourage you to reach out.  You're on the site for a reason so let's have a conversation and see if you think coaching with me would help.  Coaching is charged per session for a minimum of 4 sessions.

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